Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Make The Most of Rest Days

It seems like after Halloween, things kick into high gear for the rest of the year.  Christmas appears in the stores, it gets dark earlier, so many activities are going on.  If you are able to keep up with your workouts, you have likely noticed that you’re busy but quite effective at budgeting your time.  With all this going on, rest days become quite treasured.  Those days are super important, so here are a few tips to make the most out of them.  

First of all, please take a break from your intense workout sessions.   Your body needs time to recover and replenish.  Muscles will appreciate the rest, and reward you long term with results.  It’s up to you and your schedule how many to take each week.  Mine tend to be one or two, spaced out during the week.

Rest days are necessary for weight loss.  In order to keep on track towards your individual goals, try to watch your food on the days you don’t workout.  Stick with your diet plan on these days.  When you add a calorie-rich cheat day to a day when you aren’t as active as usual, it’s a double whammy to your plan.  Some good ideas are protein rich foods and lots of vegetables (but then, that’s every day I suppose).

If you can remember back to high school physics, and I understand some of you may have blocked that class out of your long term memory, one of the laws of physics states a body in motion tends to stay in motion.  Rest day doesn’t necessarily mean a couch potato day.  Get out and be active in a light intensity kind of way.  This is actually very simple to accomplish.  Take the dog for a longer walk (trust me, they won’t mind one bit), play with your kids at the playground, do a yoga DVD at home, shovel snow if that’s the reason for your rest day.  Even household chores can be applied here…scrubbing floors is definitely not sitting still!

The whole point of a rest day is to rest your body so it’s recovered and ready for the next days of hard work.  Treat your body well and schedule rest days when possible, knowing that your schedule may dictate some of those days.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, readers!  See you at the gym!

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