Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting Around Diet Snafus

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of October! Fall is definitely in the air, and based on the snack sized candy section at the store, Halloween is right around the corner. I’m guessing that most of you have someone in your office that has a stash of candy, just calling your name. You tell yourself, I’ll just have one, and before you know it, five mini candy bar wrappers have appeared in your trash. Now this obviously conflicts with your weight loss goals, so how do you handle it? The answer to this question could determine if you stay on track or derail for the day. Here are my suggestions to help you through this diet snafu.

First, don’t panic or overreact. This is not the end of the world, so don’t throw out your diet for the rest of the day. I think of it in relation to getting cut off in traffic…you might be upset at the time, but you continue driving, perhaps more safely than before. If you decide the day is a total loss on the diet, you will have more work to do down the road, whether you choose to not eat for the rest of the day or eat everything in sight.

Next, ask yourself some questions. Does this happen every day, or is this an isolated incident? Why did I eat so much, or choose that particular food? When was the last time I splurged like this? How do I feel now? What might have been a better choice? Asking yourself these questions helps you to figure out exactly what happened so you can potentially identify your triggers and recognize them in the future. This way, the behavior may not become a habit.

Finally, for lack of a better phrase, deal with it. How are you going to address the snafu (making sure it’s within reason)? As I mentioned above, keep with your diet plan for the rest of the day. Eating good foods will help to motivate you to stay on track. Be sure to hit the gym as scheduled. If you are feeling guilty, use that energy and add 10-15 minutes of cardio exercise into your routine for the day. Not only will you feel more accomplished by sticking to your routine, you have overcome an everyday obstacle in your weight loss journey.

Don’t let one thing ruin your day; use it as motivation to make the rest of the day better!